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Welcome to the live stream of the Influence Conference where we will be taking a deep dive into what really influences government and policy makers.

What are the tools and techniques that public affairs executives find influence government, local government, public bodies and parliament and what is new and essential in the tool kit of the professional public affairs world?

Review and update your knowledge of what influences, markets, stakeholders, government, the public and policy makers?

Hear examples, case studies and insights from expert speakers with experience inside business, government and marketing.

What are the tools and techniques that communications, marketing, PR and public affairs executives find influence public opinion, behaviours and choices.

What is new in the tool kit of the communications professional?

Understand the tools and techniques tracked and valued by modern special advisers, pollsters, economists, academics, professional lobbyists, leading professional and trade associations.

Review the range of media and social media channels and what tools, campaign techniques, relationship building and other insights they use and are working.

How do you track the values and pressure points that unlock successful campaings?

A programme for inhouse leaders and advisors in communications, marketing, public affairs and PR professionals from business, charities, think tanks, academics, consultancies, associations, trade unions and communications directors everywhere navigating the challenges of influencing public opinion and public behaviour.

Watch the live stream from 09:30 BST on Wednesday 15 May to hear from a panel of esteemed speakers and discover what really influences government and policy makers.


Influence Conference

09:30 BST | Wednesday 15 May


Session 1 | 09.30 – 11.30

Neil Stewart, Editorial Director, Narrowcast Media Group


Opening Keynote: Transparent & Honest
Chair: John McTernan, Senior Adviser, BCW; Former Political Adviser to Prime Ministers of the UK and Australia
Keynote speaker: Alastair McCapra, CEO, CIPR

Panel discussion:
with Emily Wallace, Managing Director, Inflect



Influencing peoples choices – Market Research, Polling, Values, Insight & Impact
James Kanagasooriam, Chief Research Officer, focaldata

Panel discussion:
with John McTernan, Senior Adviser, BCW; Former Political Adviser to Prime Ministers of the UK and Australia and Jo Tanner, Senior Director, APCO Worldwide



Building Influence from the Outside
Henri Murison, CEO, Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Panel discussion:
with Christine Quigley, Vice President, Crestview Strategy



11.30 – 11.50 Refreshment Break

Session 2 | 11.50 – 13.00


Influence through public campaigning
Francesca Albanese, Executive Director of Policy & Social Change, Crisis

Panel discussion:
with Rebecca Deegan, Founder and CEO, I Have a Voice and Anna Garrod, Policy and Influence Director, Guys & St Thomas’ Foundation



Influencing your Decision Makers – the Internal Challenge with People “In Charge”
Neil Stewart, Chair, Neil Stewart Associates; Editorial Director, Narrowcast Media Group


Summary discussion of morning presentations


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break


Session 3 | 14.00 – 16.15


Influence specialists – Professional Help Consultancies
Iain Anderson, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, H/Advisors Cicero

Panel discussion:
with Philip Ball, Director of Policy, Communications and Marketing, The Royal College of Nursing



Influence of Economic Reports, Research Publications, Live Dashboards
Mike Emmerich, Founding Director, Metro Dynamics

Panel discussion:
with Claire Simpson, Head of Growth, Hard Numbers



Influence of Values, Identity Research – Working with Modern Think Tank Channels
Sunder Katwala, Director, British Future

Panel discussion:
with Dr Patrick Diamond, Director, Mile End Institute andCaitlin Plunkett-Reilly, External Affairs Manager (Public Affairs), NHS Confederation



Summary session and conclusions


16:15 | Close of Conference


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