UncategorizedNMG - Evolving from Zoom

Do you have seminars, conferences, lectures and programmes that need to step up from Zoom without breaking the bank?

Do you need a robust affordable solution to take the strain out of the conferences and events key to your reputation?

Join Neil Stewart, Editorial Director, Narrowcast Media Group for a presentation exploring how to master online and hybrid events in the new normal.

Do you need to:

① Present your organisations key events and showcases with the best branded face to members or clients.

② Create quality video that can vastly increase your audience and engagement through live and on demand streaming.

③ Support speakers better, have back up systems and give you a control room and online editor for smooth presentation.

④ Give your partners, sponsors and exhibitors a quality reason to support and pay to be part of your event.

⑤ Take the technical set up and preparations load off your team.

⑥ Create a fast turn around and lasting box set to reach wider on demand target audiences.

⑦ Be affordable and save you expensive in house staff time and opportunity cost.

⑧ Have an experienced team advising and supporting you who have been producing live and hybrid events for over 10 years.

From 1000 delegate programmes to AGMs to 90 minute specialist seminars or half day forums we have run all of these in the past few months. If any one of the above challenges applies to you we can help.

Contact paul@narrowcastmedia.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)20 7324 4330 to find out more.