Pathway From Homelessness 2022


Manchester Venue – Wednesday 16 March

King’s House Conference Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, Manchester M1 7HB

London Venue – Thursday 17 March

Royal National Hotel, Bedford Row, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG


Terrific success was achieved in a terrible year through the “Everyone In” programme – a bright light of collaboration, social action, decisive government and local government leadership.

The next challenge is to sustain and embed that success and not go backwards in 2022 and the decade ahead.

How can we avoid a repeat of the mistakes made after the 2008 financial crash?

  • Government has continued with the policy without announcing the means for 2022
  • Economic fallout we know will lead to increasing homelessness and health challenges
  • Rule changes as pandemic unwinds and new rules on recourse to public funds will leave new groups vulnerable, especially legal immigrant communities
  • The hidden homelessness are likely to become hidden no more

Purpose of the NEW Hybrid Symposium

  • Presented in a new format with full online livestreaming so that we ensure “everyone in” to the policy presentations
  • The latest research and best practice lessons from 2020-2021 and Everyone In
  • Look at the health interventions that worked
  • Present calls to action for health professionals, housing bodies and local government
  • Identify key Housing First approaches using new hotel and other resources
  • Review health interventions and success in building health resilience
  • Compare government policy around the UK
  • Mobilise local anchor institutions and employers in homelessness prevention
  • Mitigate and minimise the harm to people threatened with or made homeless


  • Studio main stage streamed from Manchester on day 1 then London on day 2
  • Virtual access from anywhere in the world
  • Local and regional networking hubs hosted for easy access
  • On demand and catch up not to miss out, for sharing or training


Click on a speaker to read their biography.

Special thanks to our session chairs:

  • Alex Bax, Chief Executive, Pathway
  • Dr Nigel Hewett OBE, Secretary, The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health
  • Elaine Goodwin, National Homeless and Inclusion Health Nursing Lead, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Sam Pratt
  • Jeff Parker
  • Mandy Pattinson
  • James Dillon
  • Gill Leng, Health and Homelessness Advisor, Office for Health Improvement
  • Leila Reid
  • Nada Ayed
  • Charlotte Hoban
  • Trudy Boyce
  • John Conolly
  • Alistair Flowers
  • Grace Sumner
  • Andrew F Goddard, President, Royal College of Physicians; Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham, School of Medicine; Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Derby Hospital
  • Sophie Koehne
  • Dr Pippa Medcalf
  • Jo Dawes
  • Seema Pattni
  • Tim Robson
  • Dee O’Connell, Head of Programmes, Pathway
  • Peter Cockersell
  • Angela Burnett


Spotlighting Best Practice in Greater Manchester

The evening before Pathways from Homelessness 2022 begins you are invited to attend ‘Pathways PechaKucha’.

Hosted by: Sam Pratt, Communications and Engagement Officer, Shared Health Foundation

The evening before Pathways from Homelessness 2022 begins you are invited to attend ‘Pathways PechaKucha’.

PechaKucha is a style of speaking – 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

The quick fire 6 minutes and 40 second talks will focus purely on solutions and innovative working around homelessness and inclusion health in Greater Manchester. Come for networking, to be inspired or to meet other delegates.


Aidan Halligan Memorial Lecture

We are delighted to announce that Dame Julia Unwin will be delivering the Aidan Halligan Memorial Lecture on the 16 March in Manchester.

Dame Julia Unwin has extensive leadership experience in the voluntary and public sectors. She is a leading thinker on corporate social responsibility and how to put humanity at the heart of public services. In 2018 she published her seminal report, ‘Kindness, emotions and human relationships: blind spot in public policy.’ Julia has served at a very senior level at the Housing Corporation, Charity Commission and, as Deputy Chair, and later Chair, of the Food Standards Agency and, until December 2016, as CEO of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Please click on the tabs below to see the seminar agenda for each day of this event.


Interested in showcasing your work at this event?

A key event for professionals working in health, housing and public services for excluded people, this symposium attracts over 300 professionals, all coming together to hear the latest policy updates, share best practice and research.

Your chance to be on the programme and reach thousands of professionals through our wide range of communications channels, including our Equality and Diversity YouTube channel.

Each delegate receives, free of charge, a professional box set including all the video, podcasts and presentations from the day for training purposes.

This event attracts a diverse audience of top level decision-makers and key professionals, from both the public and the private sector. Sponsoring or exhibiting at this online event will ensure your organisation leadership positioning amongst this key target audience.

For further information contact Karen Stewart on 020 7324 4330 or email



This is a HYBRID event. You can attend in person for networking or watch it all online or mix it up and do a bit of both.

Your New Style Hybrid Options:

1. Attend one of the two live studio venues

  • Day 1 is in Manchester and online all over the UK – attend Manchester, watch London online
  • Day 2 is in London and online all over the UK – watch Manchester online, attend London

2. Team tickets for 6 attendees in London or Manchester + online access

3. Take part on both days online

4. Go to a local Pathways/Skylight hub – venue options to follow soon

5. Get an in-house licence for your whole organisation to watch together or online – (in-house numbers unlimited)

6. Don’t miss out – order your box set if your diary is full and catch up with the latest developments on demand – (upgrade to attend later if you wish)


Faculty Member (London or Manchester + boxset) £195+VAT

Non-Faculty Members £229+VAT

Team (Second delegate) £200+VAT

Team (third or extra delegates) £179+VAT

Commercial £350+VAT

Online (live only) £60+VAT

Boxset (catch up on demand only) £120+VAT

Online Organisation Licence (Lecture theatre option) £750+VAT

All tickets include the pre-symposium event on the evening of Tuesday 15 March and the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Local/regional hubs – Nearer the time we hope to be able to offer some local viewing parties that delegates can join if they can’t attend Manchester or London but want to have the opportunity to network with other homeless health professionals.

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Our 10th anniversary symposium offers flexible ways in which you can participate to take into account health, work and child care commitments, travel and accommodation costs and your carbon footprint.

Come along to one of our regional venues – Manchester on 16th March and London on 17th March – and watch online on the second day.

Or network with likeminded colleagues at your local Crisis Skylight Centre on both days or just the one, watching on the second day online.

Or watch both days online – the choice is yours.

Manchester Venue – Wednesday 16 March

King’s House Conference Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, Manchester M1 7HB

  • Hear our headline speakers
  • Watch the live stream on our big screen
  • Join in venue-only focussed workshops and discussion groups
  • Watch the Professor Aidan Halligan Memorial Lecture

London Venue – Thursday 17 March

Royal National Hotel, Bedford Row, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG

  • Hear our headline speakers
  • Watch the live stream on our big screen
  • Join in venue-only focussed workshops and discussion groups
  • Be part of the 10th anniversary celebrations

Crowdfunding at Pathway

Crowdfunding supports the annual Pathway conference. Crowdfunding is not new.

Pathway Conference relies on the form of crowdfunding from the delegates, exhibitors, government agencies, charity and professional partners and sponsors all putting in the share they can afford .

Kick started with seed-corn money from Pathway, this approach to crowdfunding means that half the delegates come subsidised or fully funded and that the whole programme is filmed and streamed for those who can’t come at all – including international homelessness campaigners.

Everyone who puts something in gets something out in the form of high value video content.

Pathway’s crowd funding creates something bigger than the sum of the parts creating digital resources for everyone working on homelessness.

Pathway’s crowdfunding approach has created the biggest online video catalogue of professional presentations for staff and campaigners in homelessness, health and inclusion in the UK.
We are grateful to Neil Stewart Associates for funding and underwriting the risk on the Pathway conference upon which this form of crowdfunding depends.

We thank all our supporters, participants and sponsors for being part of our crowd bringing an end to homelessness.


If you are experiencing any issues and would like to speak to us please contact Paul Rushworth on +44 (0)7709 145 234 or email

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