A recommendation in the NHS Longterm Plan would normally signal a big spend to communicate just exactly what it is you do that could be copied.

But not for the Homeless Health Charity, Pathway.  Because for the past 6 years they have recorded and videoed every academic, clinical and leadership presentation and are now making it available on demand to whole NHS, no matter how distant or isolated.

Some of the most difficult policy and management problems in public services are also some of the most fragmented, isolated in geographic pockets, spread across different services, reliant on professionals who are specialists and spend a lot of their time in the field.

Adopting new approaches can take a long time to get the message out.

Children at risk, Gypsies and Travellers and People trafficking are examples – a national challenge but delivered by small localised services and intervientions, hard to bring together, hard to brief, hard to share and bring up to date.

Homeless health issues, especially at the rough sleeping end of the spectrum suffer from that problem.

Pathway, the homelessness charity brought the experts together once a year to share experiences and update the sector on lessons learnt. They have now won recognition in the NHS Longterm Plan which cites their Pathway model of integrated working as a exemplar of good practice, achieving stunning reductions in readmissions to hospital and a 78% reduction in bed stays, freeing services for other patients and creating a better outcome for the homeless person.

Whether you are recruiting new staff to posts, providing induction training materials or just wanting professionals on the ground to have an update, undiluted, of the thinking and policy behind change there is no better way of providing it, cost effectively, accessibly than on demand video.

Professor Tim Kendal, National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England

If you work in membership, professional or management networks make sure you capture and record the best of what works and speed up the spread and adoption of good ideas, campaign objectives and best practice.

Narrowcasting is the vehicle for getting complex ideas and solution to professional and specialist audiences in an undiluted format.

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