Welcome to the online participant briefing for the forthcoming INMO Special Annual Delegate Conference.

These briefing sessions have been set up so delegates can familiarise themselves with the online event format of this year’s proceedings and are fully able to participate in all aspects of the day.


  • 19.00 on Thursday 8th October

We encourage all delegates to participate in this session if your were unable to attend a previous session, please sign into the player below with your email address and name any time in the 15 minutes before the start of the session.

This year’s Special Annual Delegate Conference will take place online with voting and elections conducted online during the event.

During this hour we will:

  • Run through some key points and repeat the presentation 3 times in the hour, so if you miss the start, still join in.
  • This will enable you to test your own technology, laptop or phone and understand the ways you can take part
  • There will be a specific presentation on how the online voting and online election will take place from MI-Voice the secure balloting organisation.
  • If you have any difficulties joining the briefing please contact Narrowcast Media Group customer services on +44 (0)7709 145 234 – Narrowcast Media Group are providing the live stream for this event.

Please NOTE this page will NOT host the conference live stream on Friday 9th October – the link for that will be sent to you separately closer to the time and must not be shared.

If you have any questions please contact