Welcome to the INMO Special Annual Delegate Conference!

IMPORTANT: ROLL CALL! It is imperative that you let us know who you are and where you’re watching from. This is mandatory for every participant in today’s event, please CLICK HERE (opens in new tab) to enter your details before you do anything else.

Today’s programme commences at 11.00 and the live stream will play below from 10.45 on Friday 9th October, please note if you can’t hear anything before 11:00 it is because the audio has not yet started.
Please sign in to the video player below with your email and name to verify your identity.

We recommend using Google Chrome (PC) or Safari (Mac) as your browser to view this live stream and participate in the chat. Please note Internet Explorer does not support live streaming video.


To view the chat function, please log in to chat as a guest.  Please enter your name and your branch.
This will enable you to ask questions and discuss the issues raised with other viewers.

Need support with watching the video or accessing the chat?  Contact:

If you missed the delegate briefings, please catch up HERE.


Need support with voting? Contact:
+44 2380 763 987


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to speak!
  1. Indicate in the chat (as early as possible) that you want to speak.
  2. If chosen, please provide an email address so that we can send you a link to join the ‘stage’.
  3. You must make it clear who you are and which branch you are from.
  4. The Chair will then decide whether or not to call on you to speak. If she calls on you, you will be permitted to ask a question.  You will not be able to switch your video on.
  5. Afterwards you will be asked to leave the ‘stage’ and return to this page to resume watching the live stream.
  • Reduce the number of other windows and tabs you have open
  • Shut down programs other than the ones you need to watch and vote
  • Make sure your device is plugged in or has plenty of battery!
  • Why not vote on your phone?
My hospital/employer won’t let me view the video!

Come out of your employer’s Cloud/IT system and open the link in an external browser.

Watch on a personal laptop or device.

I can’t see the Chat function they’re talking about…

Scroll back up the page.  The Chat should be visible below the live stream.

My WiFi/Broadband is weak and dropping out / The video keeps freezing!

Check your internet connection using Which Broadband Speed Test.  An upload speed of 3mbps or higher should mean you are able to play the video.

Try sending the link to your mobile phone and disconnecting your phone from WiFi.  If your phone has a good 3G or 4G signal, you should be able to play the video.

Your responsibility to get connected:

As with a normal Annual General Meeting it is your responsibility as a delegate to get yourself into the meeting room and onto the voting system.

Just as you would have had to use old technology to drive, buy a ticket, get a train, take a bus, arrive at the venue on time, etc, so you need to make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection, on a computer and/or phone with the link for the live stream and the voting connection and that you have briefed yourself or have help to ensure you can use the technology and can vote as you wish.