Narrowcasting; the technique of capturing business or campaign critical messages in digital video format for the distribution to a narrowly defined specialist, professional and management audience.

Narrowcast Media Group specialise in the capture and distribution of high value presentations to narrowly defined professional audiences

Film it

Live stream, film or make your events hybrid

Host it

Host your event on any platform or venue

Post it

Compile your event into a boxset

Promote it

Promote your event both before and after the event

About Us

NMG are the database, marketing and online video production specialists behind some of the most successful niche streaming and delivery of high value content in business to business and public policy over the past decade including Policy Review.

Originally developed to extend the consultation and dissemination work of government agencies, trade bodies and membership associations.

The service is now available to any organisation with an event, lecture or presentation they want to record and distribute.

Broadcast quality, affordable, robust and unobtrusive we film around the speaker or presenter.

We work with businesses, campaign organisations, communications and lobby companies, conference producers, trade associations and training organisations.

We keep the demands on the presenter to a minimum and let them play to their strengths.

We provide quick turn around  of content and provide a hosting, promotion and distribution service to complete the value for money.

Clients have access to our extensive databases and we provide social media support where required.

For further information about our range of narrowcasting services and how they can help your business please feel free to call us on 020 7324 4330

Alternatively you can email Paul Rushworth at