As the professional policy world prepares for the party conference season to relaunch their key issues and campaigns, fringe meetings will be the default option. The Westminster “fringe” meetings held in think tanks, churches, institutes, hotels, or anywhere within walking distance of Parliament will also be ramping up at the prospect of leadership change and post Brexit world.



But are they fit for purpose? Have they become trapped in a physical bubble in a digital age? Do they help you differentiate yourself from the crowd? Do they get the message out to the target audience of policy makers, decision makers and influencers you want to reach? Many of the people from the media business, local government and Whitehall no longer attend in the numbers they once did. At its height Tony Blair’s Labour conference was attended by 25,000 attendees. The voting party members were a small group of 1500 in the hall surrounded by 3000 journalists, numerous ambassadors, business chiefs, civic grandees, charities lobbyists all recharging their policy batteries.

How do you reach that wider audience now they don’t attend? Don’t give up on fringe meetings or Westminster seminars – assembling the speakers and a committed audience is still the key but you could learn from Stephen Kinnock MP who was looking for a way to launch a publication in the Westminster Bubble but be able to reach a wider target audience. He did it with Narrowcast Media group, not just to film it, but to post it everywhere, host it and promote it to the target audience.

When you consider your fringe meetings and Westminster seminars would you rather have an audience of 50-100 or 500 to 5000.  That is narrowcasting and its about much more than video recording. Ask us what we can do to make your investment in party conference fringes and Westminster seminars go further and get your message put in front of your target audience.

If you are reading this then you probably work in world of policy making, public affairs, public relations or  membership communication. If you need to get your campaign message delivered to a  specialist, policy making or management audience with a smaller carbon footprint, Narrowcast Media Group can help you deliver it.

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