Don’t give homeless people your food.

You may be killing them!

How do you get that message out everywhere backed with the research?

That was the dilemma the homeless charity Pathway faced. With limited funds their conference only brings together 300 of the thousands of nursing, medical, housing, mental health, charity and A&E professionals who work with the homeless, to hear the latest research and best practice.

The solution was to record and narrowcast the presentations, to turn their conference into a series of studios and the presentations into a pioneering box set.  See Pathways from Homelessness 2019 box-set here.

Presentations that can now be distributed widely and used in training, staff induction, policy briefing, recruitment, funding applications. A wealth of content recorded for everyone.

> Need to create better value for money from your events?

> Getting complaints members or stakeholders can’t afford to attend?

> Only reaching part of your members or audience?

> Need to amend your communications model for the digital world?

Look at what Pathway did, if it can work for them it can work for you. Click here if you want to understand why ill thought out acts of charity can have unintended consequences watch Dr Al Story from University College Hospital, London.

Findings from a cross-sectional nutritional study of homeless people in London, Dr Al Story, Clinical Lead, UCLH

It was affordable for a small charity, it can work for your organisation.

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