We are coming to the end of carers week 2019, when it comes to the world of midwifery Caroline Flint is busy spreading the word of the latest national midwifery policy: continuity of carer. Continuity of carer is being rolled out throughout England in 2018. Local maternity systems and maternity providers are considering ways of implementing continuity of carer over the next three years.


According to the Royal College of Midwives, more than 1 in 6 of midwives work 5 hours overtime unpaid every week. Over half of midwives say the feel stress daily or most days and finally over 1/3 of midwives would not recommend midwifery as a occupation.


The Dilemma: Making a hard sell an easy buy in


Caroline wanted to demonstrate that whilst continuity of carer is a new programme with all the extra associated work that entails, it’s implementation has been designed to actually help midwives in their day to day lives. A key part of the programme is to develop resilience and grow confidence in midwives, combatting some of the negative perceptions and experiences of the profession.


Sometimes it is not just the message a presenter is trying to get across it is the way they actually deliver that message, watch the video to see for yourself




Caroline is great at interacting with, and engaging an audience of midwives, as is evident in the video above. She brings the full force of her character to bear on the audience, getting across the message that she understands that midwives want to feel appreciated, loved, happy and cared for in their role as a carer, and that she can help them achieve that. This is enforced in the video with the audience reacting positively.


Caroline spoke at the Midlands Maternity & Midwifery Festival earlier this year and is speaking again at the Northern Festival Narrowcast Media group are filming in the coming weeks.


Sometimes a webinar can put a message across but lack the emotional resonance needed to fix that message in a viewers mind. When that message is delivered at a live event or conference, with an engaged audience it makes the viewer feel like they are watching a genuine moment of significance in the company of their peers. In the tight knit and proud world of midwifery that is hugely important in ensuring a message hits its mark.


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