10 years ago today Ed Miliband, then Environment Secretary, spoke  to the Environment Agency’s Annual conference, with Lord Chris Smith, its chairman.

We can watch this video because for several years the Environment Agency commissioned us to film and live stream the content of its annual conference to set an example for other public bodies. It started to reduce the carbon footprint created by its events long before it was fashionable and in doing so expanded the reach of the unique presentations being made to a much wider audience.


Ironically many Environment Agency staff couldn’t watch the stream because their IT protocols did not let them watch video. Other parts of government got a different memo about not using video, just in case civil servants were watching something naughty.

Thankfully this has now all changed and video is a key channel for organisations looking to communicate their message to government.

Ed Miliband MP had optimism in the second year of Obama’s presidency and realism about the challenges and reflection on what had to be done. Do we pass his tests? In the year of Extinction Rebellion and the House of Commons agreeing a Climate Emergency, what might have been if we had followed his advice?

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