The TV series “Who do you think you are?” could hardly match the life story of Dame Elizabeth N Anionwu.

But the dilemma was how to connect the often painful lessons of her working life as a nurse and a midwife enduring prejudice and discrimination inside the health service with the journey of discovery about herself and her father.

The story is in the book but making a filmed presentation to an audience of midwives and for wide online and educational distribution has a multiplier effect that only online video in the new connected world can match.

A story that starts in Cambridge with the child of mixed relationship and includes campaigning for recognition for Mary Seacole (who many regard as just as important as Florence Nightingale).  Achieved at a fraction of the cost the new techniques of narrowcasting provided the solution.

Getting through the challenges – Professor Dame Elizabeth N Anionwu DBE CBE

You can see the video here and watch out for the twist involving the Vatican and the Pope at the end.

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