Never one to shy away from controversy, Claire Fox was back in the headlines after being elected as a Brexit Party MEP for the North West.

For those of you across Europe (and the North West ) who are not familiar with Claire Fox, she is best known as the  Director of the Academy of Ideas and a regular news panellist on Sky. Pushing the contrarian path, she is a powerful anti establishment critic. Reporting on Claire can be confusing. So Narrowcast Media Group have used undiluted video where she explains her journey from seriously hard left communist to cultural and political disrupter making a respected challenge to the easy, sometimes lazy assumptions of UK metropolitan society and media.

Before Theresa May’s resignation and before the idea of the Brexit Party, Neil Stewart, editorial director of City View, interviewed Clair Fox in the heart of Westminster.  Watch the full interview below.

The increasing objective of mainstream broadcast interviewing is to rush to the point, often over the answers of the speaker, to make a shocking statement and then move on to the next story.

The mainstream media is news as entertainment, not insight or intelligence. Long form informed interviews are increasing in online podcasts and specialist video channels. Professional bodies are starting to understand that broadcasting is not the way to reach the specialist professional audiences you need to inform.

Serious communication need to speak in depth to a select few. This is something that we call Narrowcasting.

If you are reading this then you probably work in world of policy making, public affairs, public relations or  membership communication. If you need to get your  message delivered to a  decision making specialist, policy making or management audience with a smaller carbon footprint, Narrowcast Media Group can help you publish and deliver it.

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