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The Influence Programme 2024


“The status quo is not sustainable” Alastair McCapra CEO CIPR


Welcome to the Influence Programme 2024 where we take a deep dive into what really influences government and policy makers.

Buy and share with your PR team. Debate and prepare for the future of PR.

Watch 25 insight lectures from PR experts led by Alastair McCapra CEO of CIPR.

  • Up to date insights into adding modern polling, economic data, think tanks, parliamentary coalitions, new media, mainstream media and consultants into your campaign mix.
  • Examined by PR practitioner panels.
  • Benchmark your PR skills sets, understanding, tools, and standards.
  • Re imagine your campaign mix ready to go through an election year and beyond.

Wherever you work in PR this programme will change your thinking and approach.


Alastair McCapra, CEO CIPR – The risks to professional reputation and need for new registration for everyone lobbying. “ The status quo is not sustainable
John McTernan, Former Political Secretary to PM Blair, Senior Advisor BWC – “What are the new boundaries of lobbying” learn about “edge, crunch, lift” for success.
James Kanagasooriam, Chief Research Officer focaldata – Understand the polling toolkit, including large language models, and beware activist polling.
Jo Tanner, Senior Director ACPO Worldwide – Asking the right questions, people no longer fit social norms, finding out what they really feel.
Iain Anderson, Chief Executive officer, H/Advisors Cicero – Success is a real two way conversation not push/receive communications. Expertise is the key.
Henri Murison, CEO Northern Powerhouse Partnership – Creating business public sector partnerships, the power of identifying a “convening force”
Francesca Albanese, Executive Director Policy and Social Change CRISIS – How do you get the public to care. Research front and centre. Put evidence at the heart of it.
Philip Ball, Chief of Staff Royal College of Nursing – How to win a news war. Getting beyond web design, press releases, twitter to strategy, engagement and the leadership table for PR.
Sunder Katwala, Director British Future – Working with think tanks, understanding identity in society, knowing your audiences identify themselves.
Mike Emmerich, Founding Director Metro Dynamics – Taking on the Treasury, utilising economics in public affairs, a Greater Manchester Authority story.
Anna Garrod, Guys & St Thomas’ Foundation – New models of impact investment – incubating campaign start-ups. The story of free school meals as a social intervention.
Neil Stewart, CEO Neil Stewart Associates – Being in charge – managing the people in charge, supporting leaders, being at the top table. Managing emotional intelligence.

With comment from, Emily Walace Managing Director of Inflect, Patrick Diamond, Director of Mile End Institute, Claire Simpson, Head of Growth, Hard Numbers, Rebecca Deegan, Founder and CEO I Have a Voice, in panels with audience questions.

£35 + VAT to view and share with your PR team. Unlimited access with no time restrictions.


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