GRA International Womens Day


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The Garda Representative Association is excited to host its first virtual conference to mark International Women’s Day 2022.


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S Day – An afternoon with Rachael Blackmore and Deirdre O’Kane


In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias, the Garda Representative Association is delighted to invite our members to a virtual live conference to mark the occasion.

This 1 hour virtual event will be live streamed on Wednesday March 9th from 14.45.

We will celebrate the very best leaders in the GRA and Irish society.

Joining our President Frank Thornton on the day will be CEC member Julie-Ann Byrne as well as two very special guests from the world of Irish Sport and Entertainment.

We are delighted to announce that joining our Conference will be one of Ireland’s greatest ever sports stars, the Grand National Winning jockey and Cheltenham champion Rachael Blackmore and the incredibly talented Irish comedian, actor and TV host Deirdre O’Kane. Rachel and Deirdre will share their experiences on their journey to massive success in their male-dominated work environments (see full Bio’s below).

This event is not to be missed and is by invitation to GRA members only.


14:45 Welcome from Des Gibson, Director of Media Relations, Garda Representative Association

14:50 In conversation with Julie-Ann-Byrne, CEC member

15:05 In conversation with Rachael-Blackmore, Grand National Winning jockey and Cheltenham champion

15:25 In conversation with Deirdre O’Kane, Irish comedian, actor and TV host

15:50 Panel discussion featuring Des Gibson, Director of Media Relations, Garda Representative Association; Julie-Ann-Byrne, CEC member; Philip-McAnenly, Interim General Secretary, Garda Representative Association and Frank Thornton President, Garda Representative Association

16:15 Close of Programme


Our speakers for this event are:



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